I should have done this a long time ago but things have been incredibly busy. My life has completely changed in 2008, in every single respect.

I met Kate
I quit my job at Apple
I started Posterous
I have experienced New York City to its fullest
Kate and I are moving to San Francisco on December 1

In 2008, I was able to accomplish everything I had dreamed of.

I came to New York to experience big city life, and that I did. For three years I went to every great restaurant, every secret bar, went to all the city events I wanted to go to. I will leave New York without a single "I wish I had done ? while I lived there." I was fortunate to be in New York with the time and money to experience the city right.

I met the girl of my dreams on New Years Eve and convinced her to move back to California with me. I definitely would not be able to leave New York without her by my side.

I started Posterous with Garry, a company based around the things I love: blogging and photography. I spent years blogging on iSachin.com via Blogger, always dreaming of something better. There can be no better company to start than building a product that solves the problems you personally have, and others have too. I love it everyday.

iSachin.com will live here but will no longer be updated, which is fitting since I no longer work for the company that created the 'i' branding. It sure was weird not being an Apple employee for a while after I quit.

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