Jason borrowed Bruce in San Francisco. That car is amazing. so much fun. It can't be beat.

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From: Jason Ahmad <jasXXXX>
Date: June 12, 2008 12:32:08 PM EDT
To: Sachin Agarwal <a4XXXX>
Subject: Bruce!

In review, I have to think that miatas may provide the most fun/$ this side of a motorcycle. Some points of brilliance:

* Making 80 feel like 140
* Teeth
* Comic arrivals
* 8 gallons of gas total in 4 days (not being driven lightly)
* Unparalleled turning radius
* Personal responsibility (as enforced by the anti-roll protection of 'don't')

Overall quite the inventory. And overall the car's in quite good shape, honestly. Tires actually have enough tread - well beyond the wear bars. Clutch feels perfect. Motor didn't sound to be low on oil or have any such obvious issues. Brakes are totally fine, the only possible issue being low-grade pads. But regardless of their initial bite (or lack thereof), they showed very little fade, and the rear calipers appeared to work correctly (as evidenced by both the hand brake and visible rotor wear). It sounds very much like there's a leak somewhere in the exhaust, but that's way minor all things considered.

Anyway, thanks so much for the ride!!

Shall I mail you the key?