I should have done this a long time ago but things have been incredibly busy. My life has completely changed in 2008, in every single respect.

I met Kate
I quit my job at Apple
I started Posterous
I have experienced New York City to its fullest
Kate and I are moving to San Francisco on December 1

In 2008, I was able to accomplish everything I had dreamed of.

I came to New York to experience big city life, and that I did. For three years I went to every great restaurant, every secret bar, went to all the city events I wanted to go to. I will leave New York without a single "I wish I had done ? while I lived there." I was fortunate to be in New York with the time and money to experience the city right.

I met the girl of my dreams on New Years Eve and convinced her to move back to California with me. I definitely would not be able to leave New York without her by my side.

I started Posterous with Garry, a company based around the things I love: blogging and photography. I spent years blogging on iSachin.com via Blogger, always dreaming of something better. There can be no better company to start than building a product that solves the problems you personally have, and others have too. I love it everyday.

iSachin.com will live here but will no longer be updated, which is fitting since I no longer work for the company that created the 'i' branding. It sure was weird not being an Apple employee for a while after I quit.

Please follow me on my Posterous:


I started Posterous. More info later, but for now check out:















All over Brooklyn people had opened up fire hydrants to cool off, just like in the movies!

Some even seemed to have special attachments just for this purpose

Feels so good to be back in new York. But the construction all around my apartment is crazy. Just a couple months ago you would have seen my apartment in this shot.


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On Saturday night Kate and I had dinner at Central Kitchen. Monika recommended it to us and it was amazing! The restaurant is beautiful. We had a plate of goat cheese for appetizer. Kate had a great piece of halibut. And I had steak frites. The plate was huge. It was on of the best steaks I've ever had in my life. It was perfectly cooked rare/medium rare but still hot all the way through. There was almost no fat on the meat and it was soft and juicy. Yum.

For dessert we had a fallen Belgian chocolate cake. It takes 25 minutes to make so we had to ordered it when our entrees arrived. Wow. It was steaming hot and all melted in the middle. Possibly the best chocolate cake I've ever had.

Highly recommended.

Kate was in Boston this weekend. A few shots from around the city...

Last weekend I was in New York for Monika's birthday. We had a great dinner at Kion followed by drinks at Arlo and Esme. At dinner they started us out with fried sliced banana and fried corn. Then Kate and I had Zucchini stuffed with goat cheese, and then an amazing (HUGE) piece of salmon. Manhattans were consumed by all. Yum.


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How cool is this?



It's been a really long day


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Amazing south American place in bushwick just a couple blocks from kate. Beef stew with rice and beans. Kate got a chicken sandwich that was real rotisserie chicken breast. And 2 beers for $14 total.


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Not that we had any doubts.

p.s. There are a lot of jackasses in Hoboken. Hopefully I'll never be in this city again. All those stereotypes about New Jersey sucking and people being rude, totally true. There's reason why everyone in New York makes fun of NJ. And that stereotype that people in NY are rude is totally false. It's probably the NJ people who go to NY to work.


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One of my favorite New York stories...

THE NEW YORKER, MAY 29, 1995, pp 45-53
What's an engineer's worst nightmare? To realize that the supports he designed for a skyscraper like Citicorp Center are flawed---and hurricane season is approaching.



Jason borrowed Bruce in San Francisco. That car is amazing. so much fun. It can't be beat.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jason Ahmad <jasXXXX>
Date: June 12, 2008 12:32:08 PM EDT
To: Sachin Agarwal <a4XXXX>
Subject: Bruce!

In review, I have to think that miatas may provide the most fun/$ this side of a motorcycle. Some points of brilliance:

* Making 80 feel like 140
* Teeth
* Comic arrivals
* 8 gallons of gas total in 4 days (not being driven lightly)
* Unparalleled turning radius
* Personal responsibility (as enforced by the anti-roll protection of 'don't')

Overall quite the inventory. And overall the car's in quite good shape, honestly. Tires actually have enough tread - well beyond the wear bars. Clutch feels perfect. Motor didn't sound to be low on oil or have any such obvious issues. Brakes are totally fine, the only possible issue being low-grade pads. But regardless of their initial bite (or lack thereof), they showed very little fade, and the rear calipers appeared to work correctly (as evidenced by both the hand brake and visible rotor wear). It sounds very much like there's a leak somewhere in the exhaust, but that's way minor all things considered.

Anyway, thanks so much for the ride!!

Shall I mail you the key?

Corn nuts. Nutri Grain cereal bars. Lots of Triscuits.

I also bought some Digestive Advantage lactose intolerance pills. Instead of eating a pill when you eat dairy, like with Lactaid, you just take a Digestive Advantage pill once per day and never think about. The reviews on Amazon were pretty spectacular so it seems like it works well!

I love Amazon.com

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